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There are many common problems in married life and a lot of them can be avoided, fixed or resolved using many different methods and techniques. Here are different problems in married life that are common.
In marrage today,  there are problems because of the way we view thing in our marrital life. OK let me tel you the the men are sometimes the cause of the problems I marrage because the fall to learn what the have to learn I the time o there youth, many me today can not help their wife I son of the house works and many weman can't help it but to tell them (men) to help them or provide a help for them. Come to think of it, son me don't want to help there wife in the house work and will not man provision to help for their wives.
There are many common problems in married life and a lot of them can be avoided, fixed or resolved using many different methods and techniques. Here are different problems in married life that are common.
Here are son of the most things that cause probl…


Is he really honest about web what he tell you?

I don’t think that there is a single woman out there who hasn’t gone on a date with someone who’s lied about what they’re looking for. People will do whatever they can to get what they want in the dating scene, and that often includes fudging the truth about what they’re really looking for.

Worried about the guy you’re seeing lying about what he really wants? Here are 14 signs he's lying about what he wants that you need to watch out for.

In many years, I’ve heard people lie about wanting kids , wanting a relationship, or even being straight. It’s a great way to shoot yourself in the foot, though, because eventually, lying will build resentment and cause a breakup . you need to watch avoid

1. He backpedals.

Backpedaling is a key sign that the person you’re with isn’t honest with you. If you need to know what they really want to get out of the potential relationship, listen to their first stance and listen to the things they said befo…


These 12 thoughtful things will help you maintain your relationship and guarantee your partner feels loved. You need to tell your partner things the will like to hear. There are things your partner needs to hear you say on a consistent basis in order to feel deeply loved. Some they know about and some they don't. Communication is key in intimate relationships and it helps to be intentional about telling your partner what they need to hear from you. Behold, a concise reminder of things that your partner would love to hear, and hear often. Focus on bringing these into your relationship and see your partner open up like never before. Your partner wants to hear... 1. That you want to keep dating them Just because you’re in a relationship with them doesn't mean you get to stop dating them. Whether it's pre-planned or (better yet) a surprise, taking your partner out on dates will keep your connection growing over time. Not sure what to do on your big night out? Try an activity …


Step one: Stop repeating the same mistakes over and over again! What do all our past failed relationships have in common? Was it because we didn't get our needs met? Was the other person not ready for a commitment? Or maybe our partner cheated? To help us reflect better on these questions, I'm going to share a story about a friend of mine named Mark whose greatest desire was to find his life's partner and finally find some luck in his love life. Mark was a great guy, but the women he dated never stuck around for long. He began to wonder if the women he was attracted to were simply commitment-phobes . He was constantly asking himself, " Why can't I find love? " Then, he met Marie. He thought for sure that she was the one . But the entire time they were dating , he couldn't help but fret that she would leave him someday, too. After a few months of dating, they decided to go away on a romantic vacation together. Seeing that Mark was busy with work, Marie of…


I've had it with lazy dates. OK, I've had it. Call me crazy, but I'm completely, totally, and insanely pissed off with the current dating scene . You know why? Because it's lazy. It's lazy as hell, and nobody is putting any effort into actually impressing anyone anymore. And worse still, it's usually the girls who seem to be doing all the legwork on getting romance on. I can't even f*cking remember the last time I heard of a guy trying to be romantic with a girl and actually planning a good first date . Actually, I can. I was born back in the 80s, when the internet wasn't really a part of dating. My first couple of boyfriends didn't just text me barely-English sentences asking to meet up after class. They actually would plan dates ahead of time, and even fret a bit about how they looked! Imagine that. Guys can actually put some thought into dates! And I loved it! Here's the deal, men. You need to get off your asses. Here's why it's wort…

RELATIONSHIP TIP/ 7 Keys to a Healthy and Happy Relationship

While individuals may be highly brilliant and talented, few of us work in a vacuum; therefore our ability to develop relationships with others determines how successful we will be in our workplaces and in our relationships outside of work. People are not born with natural abilities to develop and build great relationships with other people. These are skills like any other that can be learned and mastered if one recognizes the need and takes the time and effort to develop them. We can all become a better relationship builders by clearing our minds and practicing a few basic necessary acts: 1. BEING A GREAT LISTENER Everyone has the basic desire to be heard and understood. Unfortunately many of us are taught how to be great listeners. Most people are too busy thinking of what they want to say next to really listen to what the other person is saying. When you notice yourself doing this, take a breath and correct your pattern by listening well. We naturally bond with people who really listen, …


your come easily go and but cant easily come back to you, so be careful on what you say and who to say them to.